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Brandon Brice

Brandon Brice Approaches Anniversary of Hip Hop Republican Launch

Brandon Brice is a conservative blogger, political activist, and the founder of Hip Hop Republican, a political site that is focused on urban issues and approaching celebration of their three-year anniversary of creation.

Brandon Brice is an interesting member of the political community, as a conservative urban blogger this activist writes pieces few dare to create which is why he founded Hip Hop Republican three years ago. This is an exciting time for the website, as it is approaching the anniversary of the launch date, and looking back on great articles that have pushed the envelope, especially in the areas of urban politics.

Brandon Brice founded Hip Hop Republican back in April of 2009, and the last three years have flown by as this site has tackled many issues that pertain to current politics and the urban community. Brandon Brice is a Howard University graduate that was also chairman of the College Republicans through his college years. This love of politics is what lead to the creation of Hip Hop Republican in the first place, and is why this site has been so successful over the last three years.

Brandon Brice has received a lot of positive attention for the creation of a site that is focused on issues that affect the urban community, and focuses on the people rather than the opinions. New York Times was quoted as saying “Web sites like hip Hop Republican raise issues important to blacks that many Americans are concerned about”. Brice saw a need for an informational source that members of any community could access, that provides information on current issues. A lot of times when politicians, and other members of the political community, address urban issues they only discuss things associated with minorities. This is why HipHopRepublican was created, to share light on all issues that are pertinent to any American, and are relatable to members of the urban community.

Brandon Brice is not only the founder of Hip Hop Republican, and is a known conservative blogger central to the urban community. What started as a pet project has now grown into an influential site that is sharing current events in a manner that is easily broadcasted to members of any community. It’s past time for politicians to start paying attention to members of all communities, which is why Brandon Brice developed a site that would bridge this gap. This has been an influential three years for HipHopRepublican, and the urban communities are happy that there is a specific source of political events that cater to their wants and needs.